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Story Arts. Mentoring. Connecting.
Winter 2023

Bring your unique YOU!

A small group, online camp

for youth ages 5-18 

meeting across geography,

cultures, race, religions,

and experiences

to find their voices as storytellers

YSSC Week 1, Morning Group 1.jpg

Tuesday, December 26th - Friday, December 29th
3 time slots to serve our global community

Time Slot A - 9:00-10:30am EST/2:00-3:30pm UTC

Time Slot B - 2:00-3:30pm EST/7:00-8:30pm UTC

Time Slot C - 5:00-6:30pm EST/10:00-11:30pm UTC

Tuition is $150 per session
Scholarships available ~ Email us here.

What previous youth & mentors are saying:

"Masterful matches! I liked the model, and I loved the people!"
"In just a few days, we created a community of storytellers."


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