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Storyteller Relief Fund Application

Please fill in all of the requested information below, to the best of your ability. Make sure to enter "None, Zero, 0, or N/A" in any field that you have no other answer for. Some  fields will require a response, and if you leave them empty, you will have to go back to them before you can submit the application.

Which of these is the best way to reach you?

1. Is storytelling your primary source of income?

1a. If Yes:

     For how many years has storytelling been your primary source of income?

What is your estimated annual income (before emergency) from storytelling?

1b. If No:

     What is your primary source of income?

How much is your annual income from this source?

What is your estimated annual income from storytelling?

2. Please list any additional sources of income you have (e.g. second income, retirement, social security, etc.), and the amounts:

3. Are there other wage earners in your household, and what is their income?

4. How many dependents are in your household?

5. How has your storytelling income been affected by the current emergency, and for how long have you been affected, or estimate that you will be affected?

6. Have you experienced any other physical losses related to your storytelling (e.g. loss of power, loss of equipment, housing insecurity)? If so, please detail.

7. What other relief funds have you applied for? Please note the status of each as accepted, pending, or denied.

8. What is the specific need/specific needs you are seeking help with (e.g., groceries, rent, utility bills, etc.)

9. What whole dollar amount are you applying for, given that our funding amounts are $100 to $300?

10. Please list websites, social media handles, or other places we can go to assess your business as a storyteller.

11. What professional organizations are you affiliated with?

(NSN, ASST, ISC, Regional or State Org, Local Festival/Group, and any Others.)

12. In addition to a potential SRF grant, in what other ways might we be of assistance to you (e.g., cross-promotion, networking, workshops, etc.)?

13. If your application is approved, how would you like to receive payment?

14. How did you hear about the Storyteller Relief Fund?

Optional Questions (solely to help us create an organization that is Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible):


15. What is your gender?

16. What is your sexual orientation?

17. What is your primary race/ethnicity?

18. Are you a person with a disability?

Your Application has been submitted!

Please go back and fill-out all required fields!

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