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Storyteller Relief Fund Application

(Tap twice to print or download in Mobile View)

This is the Fillable .PDF version of the SRF Application. You will need to have either Adobe Acrobat or at least a "Fillable .PDF"-capable App installed to complete it. Download it by clicking on the 'Dwnld' icon in the top bar of the solid black frame. (If you are in mobile view on a small screen, tap twice on the below document to see the frame and icon.) Then carefully fill it out, after saving it to your computer or mobile device. Try just filling in a few fields, and then saving it. If you reopen it, and the information has not been saved, then please download and use the basic Word Document version (in either Word or Open Office, etc.). Please note that, depending on your browser & OS, you may not get a notice that the file has been downloaded, so please check your Downloads Folder for it, before trying again.


Give your best answer to each pertinent question, going into as much detail as necessary. Treat every question as though it is required (except for the last four). Make sure to enter "None, Zero, 0, or N/A" in fields that you have no other answer for. The four optional questions at the end are intended solely to help us create an organization that is Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible. Each one has a "Prefer not to answer" choice, and no funding decisions will be based on the responses (or lack thereof) to any of these last four questions. When you are done, make sure to save the document as “SRF_Appl_Your_Name.pdf”, and then please email a copy to

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